Lisa Kane - Photographer

So the City of Syracuse has declared itself The Official Home of Winter......

Downtown snow Storm

Hawley and Gertrude Streets on a Cold Winter Morning

A Cold start to the day

The colder the morning the more steam 

Sunrise on the Golf Course


A blustery wind 

...... I think Winter will feel right at home here.

We see ALOT of snow here in Central New York. There is nothing like a sunny day after a snow storm, when the trees are still holding on to the snow with their branches.



Snow can add sparkle to an old gas station...


or turn a parking lot into an abstract painting...



Happy New Year to all of my friends and future readers.  I have always toyed with the idea of a Photo Blog featuring some of the everyday beauty that I find living here in Central New York.  What better day to start something new than today. My goal with this photo blog is to share with you what makes Central New York, especially Syracuse an inspiring place to live and why I have chosen to spend most of my life here. These first two photographs were taken on Onondaga Hill just south of Syracuse a small community that sits up high looking down over the city.



 I hope that you enjoy this blog and will come back to visit regularly. Please share with your friends.


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